Empowering Students to

Inspire & Impact

their community and the world.


Who We Are

Introducing the new Cameron Magnet School of the Arts! Our pillars remain, but the resources we are able to offer our students and families are expanding. Big things are in the works at Cameron, including millions of dollars of new investments! 

Our Outcomes

We have maintained Good Standing in CPS for 6 consecutive years including achieving Level 1 Status for 4 of the last 6 years by building strong relationships with our students and families and providing rigorous, differentiated instruction to all students. We are relentless, and we do not allow our students to fail.

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Culture of Community

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New Focus: Fine & Performing Arts

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Restorative Justice Leads to Decreased Suspensions

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Core Values

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Challenging Academics

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Increased Support

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Bilingual Education

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Educating Diverse Learners

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Wraparound Services for Students & families

Maximizing Opportunities for our family

New Resources & programming

Our staff and faculty has fought to give our students and families the very best. This year, we have been awarded three different grants to continue improving the way we serve our Cameron family.

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Granted over $1 Million for Arts Renovations

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Awarded $475,000
(Yearly for 5 years!!!)

Sustainable Community Schools Grant

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Awarded $100,000 21st Century Schools Grant for After-School Programming

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What Does that Mean for You?

New Resources & programming

There will be an arts focus for all students. Cameron is a true community school that provides services for students, parents, and families including:

  • 2 Counselors
  • 3 certified Arts teachers (Music, Visual Arts, Drama)
  • Over $100,000 invested in after-school & summer enrichment programs

  • 2 after-school coordinating programs for over 200 students

  • Parent Leadership Opportunities and Workshops
  • Restorative Practices Coordinator
  • Parent Mentors (LSNA)
  • Parent Patrol for Lunch/Recess & Transit
  • Student Leadership Opportunities
  • After-School Tutoring
  • After-School Enrichment (Theatre, Dance, etc.)
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This is us

Our family, our community, our future

Cameron Students

Cameron students, affectionately known as Cougars, are some of the nicest, funniest, and most talented students in the city. Students have learned to support each other, and are motivated to succeed.

Cameron Parents

Cameron parents are very involved. We have 12 parents that work at the school, several regular volunteers, and active LSC, PAC, and BAC committees. The PAC Parent Room is open for workshops and other services.

Cameron Staff

The Cameron Staff is among the top teams in CPS. There are several National Board Certified teachers, most teachers hold advanced degrees, and we are departmentalized starting at 5th grade.

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Cameron Partners & Social Service Providers

Faithful to our mission.

Faithful to our community

We don’t give up on kids and families. We are constantly doing our best to support, help, nurture and develop relationships. This is our commitment to our students, parents, and our community.

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We have the courage to lead by example.

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We are accountable for our success and the success of the Cameron Family.

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We respect ourselves, our school, and our community

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We give our best effort in everything we do.

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We are forever a part of the Cameron family and we will love, cherish, and support each other.

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Partnering with you

The cameron-Parent compact

If your children remain Cameron students and you (parents) ensure that your children are present and support the school by requiring your children to behave reasonably and do homework, we pledge that your children will meet or exceed standards before 8th grade graduation.

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Leadership Development Through Art

Fun, engaging, & Powerful

Cameron is now officially a Fine and Performing Arts Magnet School! We are offering students various arts to study as well as using arts-based instructional strategies to make learning fun, engaging, and powerful.

Cameron will remain a trusted partner in our community because we’ve set a foundation for our school that feels like home. As we look toward the future, we envision our students as leaders and our school as their platform.

Through the fine arts, our students will learn to embrace their personal gifts and use expression. And through the spirit of performance, they will learn to transfer ideas into tangible products.

Amiri Baraka Black and White Portrait

“The artist’s role is to raise the consciousness of the people. To make them understand life, the world and themselves more completely. That’s how I see it. Otherwise, I don’t know why you do it.”

– Amiri Baraka

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A greater vision

Empowered to foster change

As we facilitate high standards for learning that capture their interests and challenge their gifts, students will learn to love the process. When they leave us, using the tools that we’ve given them, they will see barriers as opportunities to create changes that foster opportunities for others in their community and the world in which we live.

Trust is everything

A lot is possible when trust is established within the community. Cameron is truly a community school. As you meet our families, you’ll encounter generations of trust. Parents send their kids to us, because they’ve had that experience of trust at our school in the past. That makes them more than comfortable to put their kids in our hands again.

student and parent

This is a happy space. This is a safe space. This is your space.

This is Cameron.