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Comprehensive Learning Opportunities for College Readiness

To achieve our mission of ensuring that all Cameron graduates are college-bound, we offer an abundance of different curriculum choices aimed at giving our students a rich and engaging opportunity to learn in all areas of study! Annually, graduating 8th graders routinely are accepted into their first choice HS, with several being accepted into top selective enrollment schools, military academies, and IB programs.


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Reading / Literacy

All K-8th grade Cameron students receive 90-150 minutes of “Balanced Literacy” instruction daily. “Balanced Literacy” means that students are taught all of the pieces that make us great readers and writers. Students read a variety of texts including a ton of nonfiction!

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Beginning in 1st grade, Cameron students receive 90 minutes of daily math instruction designed to teach problem-solving and critical thinking. Kindergarten through 5th grade students use “Go Math!” which promotes applying math to real life situations. 6th-8th graders use the very challenging Connected Math Program 4 which pushes students to understand why math works.

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As we transition to the new NGSS national Science standards, all K-8th students receive regular hands-on Science instruction. Beginning in 5th grade, students receive 75+ minutes of daily Science instruction.

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Social Studies

Students study a variety of social studies topics and complete projects in their homerooms and in a special Enrichment class.

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We offer Pre-K through 8th grade students a variety of Enrichment classes including Instrumental Music, Visual Arts, Social Studies, Computer Technology, and Physical Education!

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The Cameron staff refuses to watch students struggle without providing as much support as possible. We use a variety of methods to provide students with academic and social-emotional supports.

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Arts Emphasis

Understanding the why

At Cameron, our emphasis in art fosters our belief in a process based learning approach vs product. As students work through the process of creating, they discover how to make purposeful decisions and communicate. Instead of working for a grade to show they’ve mastered a certain skill or memorized something, we want our students to understand how and why they made a certain decision to get the outcome they’ve acquired.

“The entire time students are in our room, they are understanding the steps it takes to achieve a result. Rather than looking at the end result, we model whatever skills they are working on and allow students time to work on it. We are showing them the steps that it takes to get through something, helping them get their ideas down on paper, and then taking time to refine it.”

– Andrea Malek, Cameron Music Teacher and Arts Lead

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Grade Level Info

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PE / GYM Uniforms

Parents can purchase their child’s PE uniforms at the main office. Shorts and T-Shirts are available with new Joggers.


Real Life Superheroes

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