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Where the needs of the whole child are met.

The Whole Child

Creative Thinking

The Whole Child

Mental, Emotional, & Physical Health

The Whole Child

Building Relationships

The Whole Child

Youth Power

The Whole Child

Critical Thinking

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Personal Development

Confident, Strong, and wise

At Cameron, we see success as a bigger picture than memorization or performance. We believe in developing each student as a whole person. Students that graduate from Cameron approach challenges in life with confidence, because they understand themselves, how to foster strong relationships with others, and how to think creatively.

We Believe...

All students deserve the best possible educational experience that equips them with the intellectual and personal skills they will need to pursue their dreams.

Students excel when they grow up in a nurturing and challenging school environment where they are surrounded by staff and parents who are working together.

Education is the gateway to success and we do all in our power to educate every child, regardless of circumstance.

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Values we live by

We’ve proven that the young people who embody the Cameron CARE Values are prepared to face and conquer the challenges of adulthood as they strive for success and happiness.





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Cougar Pledge

We are Cougars.

We are leaders in our community and at home.

We have the courage to lead by example.

We are accountable for our success and the success of the Cameron Family.

We respect ourselves, our school, and our community.

We give our best effort in everything we do.

Today, we are Cougars; we have bright futures.

Cougars today, college tomorrow!

Why Cameron?

We know there is something special here, because we see and feel it everyday! Check out our Why Cameron page to catch a glimpse into what is happening and how you can be a part of it.